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Calming LED Jellyfish

Calming LED Jellyfish - Euro-Gadget

Calming LED Jellyfish

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 Experience the tranquil stimulation brings to your senses

Simulated marine life is beautiful and calming. Bonmoon is a unique aquarium lamp that brings a relaxing ambiance to any room you put it in.

The lifelike movement of the artificial jellyfish inside adds a peaceful feeling to any room you put them in.



the aquarium offer 5 different color choices, all of which are soothing and immersive.

You can power it easily with a plug-in adapter or batteries and switch between colors when you want to bring some variety.


Why you need this

Relaxing atmosphere- The dancing jellyfish under the colored lighting bring a calming feel around the place. Calming anxiety and allowing you to relax and reach a peaceful state.

Smooth LED lighting- The emanating LED lights from the aquarium light up any room nicely. The 5 color choices add plenty of variety and blissful colors that complement any room.

Mesmerizing decoration-  Adding the ambiance of any room. Whether you place it as a bedroom lamp or living room décor you’ll enjoy the tranquil vibe it brings.






Product Type: Lamp
Product Size:10.5*28CM
Material: ABS & Acrylic

Packing include:
1 x Mood Lamp
1 xUSB Power

Carton size: 33.5×44.5×30.5CM





Q: Is this like a lava lamp? I need one that can stay on all night

A: Not really. Lava Lamps work by heating up wax which rises to the top of the bottle, cool, and then comes back down. In this lamp, there is a jet of water that propels the plastic jellyfish around the tank. Since it is illuminated by LEDs, you can leave the lamp on all day and not have to worry about the bulbs burning out or the lamp becoming hot.
Q. How do you change batteries?
A. The jellyfish tank takes 3AA batteries or plugs in the USB to any outlet or computer. To change batteries, flip unit upside and open compartment. It's very simple, much like a child's toy.
Q. Can I play music through the Nebula Jellyfish Aquarium?

A. No, there are no speakers built in the jellyfish aquarium.

Q.How long will it takes to receive my product?? 

A.Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery This means sometimes you have to wait a little longer to get your order but it's always worth it!

Q. How long will the price stay at 50% Off, I want to buy some as gifts in the future?

A. The price at 50% off will be given periodically throughout the year, we typically will do a discount during the holidays. We typically lower it for 2 weeks and then stop advertising.

 Q. I have a problem with my order, who do I speak with?

A. Contact us through your order email,

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