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Gaming Controller

Gaming Controller - Euro-Gadget

Gaming Controller

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Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level

Spontex makes your binge gaming a blast. Comfortable, convenient and is suitable for every phone and doesn’t tire your fingers while playing.

Made with comfortable grip controls with a 360-degree joystick configuration. Allowing you to aim, shoot, and move all at the same time.

Made with a built-in battery that's long-lasting and doesn't take long to charge. Giving you up to 10 hours of gameplay after just an hour of charging.

Easily pairs with BlueTooth and compatible with any smartphone. Whether it's iPhone or android we've got you covered.

Mobile gaming will never get more fun and easy. Spontex gives you all the control and freedom to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Key benefits

Enhanced gameplay- Spontex gives you a great advantage when playing. Every button gives you more control over the game. Giving you much more freedom and capabilities than your average controller

 Comfortable Grip- The comfy grip and responsive buttons won’t tire your fingers. Allowing you to binge game for hours without early fatigue setting in.

Compact & Portable- Spontex fits in your pocket when not used. Easily accessible It connects via Bluetooth and is suitable for any phone

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