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Magnetic Sunshade Cover Car

Magnetic Sunshade Cover Car - Euro-Gadget

Magnetic Sunshade Cover Car

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 Do you have to park outside, in all weathers? Waking up early to defrost and scrape that windshield? Perhaps you live somewhere warmer, where your car turns into an oven with a lava hot steering wheel! Well no more ….


This multi purpose, easy to install, waterproof windshield protector offers a complete solution to all your concerns. 

Just take a look at all these benefits, that show the  Windshield Cover really does protect you and your car from even the harshest of inclement elements:


Protects your car windows and wipers from ice, frost, snow, sun, UV rays, bird poop and falling leaves. It can even be used away from your car, as a picnic blanket, tent sleeping pad, baby mat or as a cover to protect your car seats from pets. There really is no end to its uses and it allows you to confidently park your car outside; in any weather.

Firmly grips your car’s contours with 6 covered magnets, which grip your vehicle ensuring perfect coverage and no scratches to the paintwork. Additional straps ensure a perfect, adjusted fit.
Padding on the product doesn’t just cover the magnets, but also the whole screen protector meaning your car’s paintwork is perfectly safe from even the most rough handling. 
Easy and convenient to install, with no tools or help required. 
One size fits all. Its dimensions are 215cm x 125cm meaning it covers all manner of vehicles including cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and even big rigs like, the Ford F250 and F650!

Easy storage. Comes equipped with a special storage tote, which keep the screen protector neatly folded away, in your vehicle's trunk or cab, when not in use.

Built in versatility. The screen protector has two sides with different surfaces. The black surface protects against snow and ice and the reflective surface protects you and your car from sun and UV rays.

So why delay? Stop those early morning defrost starts, stop burning your hands on that lava hot steering wheel. Put a stop to all manner of weather related inconvenience and complication. 

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