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Massager Portable Neck

Massager Portable Neck - Euro-Gadget

Massager Portable Neck

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Get the Ultimate Relaxation With Just One Click in the Comfort of Your Home With Portable Cervical Massager! 

.Have muscle pain? Get introduced with our Portable Cervical Massager. This   massager will help relax your muscles even more, relieve stress throughout   your body, ease muscle soreness and help you relax. 



  • Benefits:

    HIGHLY PORTABLE: This small, lightweight and perfectly engineered mini massager is ideal for quick and easy massages. Fits discretely into your pockets or bags for easy transport, which allows you to enjoy a massage, wherever you are in the world, at any time.     
  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Choose the level of intensity you need to properly address muscle pain and all your massage needs. The simple to use “+” and “-” function buttons, allow you to increase or decrease the pressure and intensity of the massage.

  • RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF: The portable massage pad is ideal for relieving stress in your body, tackling muscle soreness and cramps, helping you relax on the go. With its adjustable pressure function, the portable massage pad can provide deep tissue massage to your neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, lower back, waist, thighs, legs and feet. 
  • INSTANT ACTION: No need to hang around, as soon as you want to have a massage simply place the massage pad on your skin over the desired area and enjoy a 15 minute massage, anywhere you like. Quick and easy solution to muscle pain and cramp. The massage pad automatically switches off after 15 mins, in case you fall asleep.

  • CORDLESS AND RECARGABLE: The lithium polymer batter 3.7v with USB charging port, holds a good charge for a long life, meaning there is no need to look for a socket to plug into, on the go.


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